Foot braces on a narrow SOF

I’m in the early stages of building a Tom Yost design Sea Rider (17’ X 19") fuselage frame kayak. I’m looking for ideas and experience with foot braces. foot rests on this type of hull. I’m thinking that I haven’t seen any on traditional designs that I’ve seen, But I wasn’t looking close then & didn’t ask about technique. Jeff Horton at Kudzducraft Sealect footrests and some special brackets to fit his boats. I retrofitted those into my Pygmy and like them but it and Jeff’s boats are 4" or so wider that the Sea Rider.

Anyway, I’m looking for thoughts on foot rests in this type of hull as well as technique.



what is

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at least you are asking *before* you finish your kayak :) Always so much harder to retrofit.

your shoe size?
do you wear or plan to wear low volume booties?
are you able to angle your feet when you paddle or do you prefer to paddle straightlegged w. toes pointing up?

how wide is your kayak in the area you plan to install foot braces and pegs?

how high is the deck where your feet will be?

I have SeaLect Designs footbraces and pegs in my custom built Black Pearl. Details: Wood strip built, glassed inside and out Deck height 10.5" which isn't esp low but ppl w. big feet can't fit them inside. I paddle straightlegged w. feet slightly angled.

seems more of a placement issue at this point. But without pix and more info hard to say.

for the reply, it has me thinking.

First though:

Shoe size - 8 1/2 ( Actual measurement - 9 3/4")

My feet naturally splay out (like a ducks) so it’s about 9" from heel to toe on side b of the triangle.

Footwear: normally I wear an old pair of NRS low cuts - fairly low volume but not rodeo socks

The shape of section #4 suggests that I’ll be paddling pretty straight legged

Hull: It looks like my feet will be around 6" short of x-section #3. Measurements"

Width: 17" at inside top of gunwale

14 1/2: at top of chine.

height: 8 1/2" at deck ridge

6" at top of gunwale.

I may want to look at a method to support the frame so I can sit in it. It’s in the fit up stage & only held together with bungees and clamps. I’ll tear it apart later to finish the pieces anyway.

Harmony sidelock…
…are the smallest, easiest to adjust and most trouble free that I have found.

Scroll down here for a picture of foot pegs in a F1.

Much wider boat than yours.

Those look interesting