Foot Braces on a Pamlico 145t

I just bought a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145t amd only have 2 slide lock footbraces. Does anyone know if they come this way? There are 2 braces for the front paddler, but if you move the front seat to the middle to paddle solo, the tracks are there for foot braces, but not the moveable foot braces. Do they figure that a solo will paddle fron the rear seat only?

Foot Braces

– Last Updated: Aug-15-06 7:23 PM EST –

I have the 135T and the foot braces in the front are removed (they easly slide off the track) and placed on the center track when paddling solo. Works quite well.

I don’t know what they’re thinking.
Yeah, but the new ones don’t pop out. They are wrapped around the track, between a bolt at each end. You have to unbolt one end, to get the foot bace off. It has to come off or you can’t get the front seat back to the middle.

I have an older 145T, round emblem. Snap-in braces. Only one set of tracks, to be used in solo only, wih front seat slid back to middle. No footbraces for anybody, in tandem mode.