foot braces to Perception saddle

i have a Mad River Outrage X with a Perception saddle. does anyone know, what is the best way to mount the foot braces to this saddle set up?? without drilling for having the braces pull through the foam.

The only Perception saddle I know of is hard plastic.

I kept sliding my toes under the footpegs in my Outrage. So I ripped them out, and glued a couple of minicel blocks to the bottom of the boat with contact cement. Not adjustable but it works for me.

As another big and tall paddler,
I advise that you consider skipping the footbraces entirely. You will have to accustom your ankles to bending downward so the tops of your feet rest flat on the bottom of the boat. However, this reduces the bending at the knee. You can still use toe blocks if you want to learn to roll the boat, but they are not necessary otherwise, and you will still have maximum leverage on the boat.

Many people who rely on toe blocks should pay more attention to other contact points with the boat, including the tops of the thighs, the inner surfaces of the thighs, the knee cups, and even adding hip blocks to the inside of the boat to keep the torso on the saddle.

thanks for the help, as soon as the weather breaks i can try the foam for the roll and skip the braces!