Foot braces

I have a Dagger Blackwater 11.5 great kayak but 2 problems.

  1. The foot braces have a habit(because of my foot actions to come toward the cockpit and even fall off the track. Has anyone ever retrofitted with some of the foot braces that come with other brands where you can reach down, pull on a tab and adjust the braces while sitting in the cockpit?
  2. The kayak has a rear bulkhead and storage compartment but none in front. Any advice on adding a bulkhead and a hatch as a retrofit to the front of the kayak?

    Thanks Bill

I put Yakima braces on my Seda Revenge. It needs a really heavy duty brace.

The Wilderness Systems Pungo uses a foot brace that has a tab to adjust the footbraces. Very easy to use. Probabaly fine if you are not going to be hard on it…