Foot Braces

I use my Dagger Blackwater a little harder than what it was designed to do. Some of the things I have put it through could probably be called abuse. The only problem I have with the boat is the foot braces keep breaking. Anybody know of a heavy duty foot brace that will rip the sides of my boat apart before failing?


put some Yakimas in

Yakima or Werner
One source:

If you don’t need the adjustability, you might be better off building your own fixed footbrace.

Have a look at these.

The “toe control” footbraces apparently have a larger contact surface and are made for harder paddling. BTW, as you can see on this site, Werner and Yakima are the same.

Thanks for your suggestions. I have looked at the Weners before and really like them. Permanently mounted braces won’t work for me, because on extended trips I often move the pegs to accomodate gear I am carrying down there. Therefore, I have been looking at aluminum rails like the Werners or Yakima’s because of the obvious superior construction over plastic. My only concern is the locking mech on the peg. That is where I keep breaking the plastic pegs. Anybody have experience with the Werners or Yakimas? Is it all metal construction, or is the lock plastic?

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All metal.