Foot Pads for Molded Foot Braces?

Anybody have suggestions for making the molded foot braces on my Ocean Kayak Venus 11 more comfortable? I’m wearing water shoes with rubber bottoms, if that matters. I find that the upper/outer edges of my feet get sore after a couple of hours, as well as my heels. I’d like something I can attach, if possible, so they can’t get blown, washed, or kicked out of the kayak.


try gluing in some thinner minicell foam
You can cut it to shape. Only thing l can’t help with is what adhesive to use. My recollection is that weld wood cement does not adhere so well to plastic compared to composite surfaces.

You may also be simply clamping down harder than needed, though l don’t know the boat so could be off base. But it is a common habit for newer paddlers, as though locking in to the foot pegs is going to somehow increase their stability. Actually all extra tension does is make you tired. But again, l don’t know your boat.

Do you wear socks? I agree is is a soggy feeling, but l like the feel of wet wool against my skim more than straight neoprene.

Harmony Mondobond
This is a waterproof contact glue for neoprene rubber or closed cell foam to your plastic sot. Best to use the neoprene rubber cause it’s more durable and provides a much better grip for your water shoes or bare feet.


Will those work…
…on my kayak’ pre-formed, built in foot braces? Looks like they’re specific to a type of attached foot brace system.

Where to buy…
What am I looking for in “neoprene rubber”? Are there neoprene pads made specifically for this purpose? Where?


No matter how well you pad,
for outings where you paddle for more than an hour, the solution is to get your feet off those footrests and let the fleshy, sore parts recover. It is probably the constancy of the pressure that is the problem. I used to row competitively, and the load on my heels and the outside of my feet was much higher, but it varied markedly with each stroke, so the tissues got more fresh blood and could recover.

Careful with the back of your heel. The bursa could become inflamed and cause problems with shoes when walking on land.

Move those feet off the footrests as often as you can!

the yak pads likely won’t work for you
I’ve had them and was less than thrilled anyway. Go with gluing in minicell foam, and seriously consider putting one more layer between your feet and the shoes.

SOT, my mistake.

I quit wearing water shoes because of lack of padding at the heel. Lately I’m wearing some Klein sandles knock off’s with a good bit of heel support.

Other than that, second what other’s said about moving your feet around occasionally.

Good Advice - Thanks!
Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I’ll look into these and, more important, I’ll keep my feet moving around rather than staying in strict “paddling position” for the whole day. Last time out I hung them over the sides in our warm, Sarasota Bay water, and that definitely helped. Being new to kayaking, I just thought I was supposed to always paddle in the “approved position.” Time to break the rules a bit. :wink:

try Smart Wool
or another thick woolen sock under the booties before you hassle w. padding the footpegs.

You may have to size up half a size or even a full size in the watershoes you wear, depending on how tight they are now.

But it will definitely help cushion your feet. Less stink is a bonus, too.

I’ve seen someone build a wooden or plastic brace across the cockpit fastened to each brace. That way you can put your feet anywhere.

Too Hot for Wool!
Thanks for the suggestion of adding thick, woolen sox, but here in So. Florida’s summer where I have to keep a towel within reach to wipe the sweat off my face, I’m afraid wool would be torture!

Not hot if you keep them wet
If you are paddling in Florida you have to embrace the idea of being wet anayway. Wet wool under a shoe just cushions you, it is not hot. Just stick your feet into the water on a regular basis to douse them.

try some gel sole inserts in your booties it does help. All the damn pedals are so small if you are bracing or driving off the pedal it kills you foot. Four thousand dollar + kayak with 2 buck pedals sucks. I have yakima/werner pedals and I cut a GM brake pedal pad in half and it slides on and stays on with no glue. Cost like 4 buck or less not the total solution for me but a great help and 2 minute job to cut in half with a hacksaw. Dorman brake pad replacement. No clue why a company would make a square pedal so the corner digs into your foot right through you boot. The pedal doesn’t rotate all so it just digs in. After all your sole is not perpendicular to the bottom of the kayak like the pedal. The design is HORRIBLE!

I’ll Give Inserts a Try!
Thanks! I’ll give those inserts a try, as well as looking into gluing something on the molded foot braces. Celia, though I admire your obvious wisdom and experience, I’m not convinced that wool socks are something I could handle here in summer… :slight_smile: