foot pedal removal

I have foamed my bulkhead to fit me and want to remove my foot pedals to get them out of the way, is there any reason that I should not do this? how many of you remove your foot pedals ? foam is so much more comfortable.

I have done it on several boats,
mainly because my long legs went past the peddles. I agree,foam is much more comfortable.

Helps hold the foam in
But that’s he only reason I can think of, and in surf over a couple of feet the foot pegs alone won’t do that either. I happen to have one boat with them still in, because it was cranky to get them out, and another without because the rails and foot pegs were never even installed.

Depends on your use
I agree that a padded bulkhead or full-width footrest(ONNO makes one), is much more comfortable than the Yakima-style “postage-stamp” footrests. If you look at a racing kayak, they usually have a full footboard, that is angled comfortably.

Some manufacturers will customize a new glass kayak with the bulkhead placed where you want it, so that you maximize interior space, and don’t need footpegs. This was an option on my last NDK kayak.

That said, the Yakima-style footrests allow you to easily adjust for a different kayaker, and for long trips you can store very bulky gear forward of your feet since access is not blocked. On expeditions I store my waterbags ahead of my feet (not the best for weight distribution but I don’t like them anywhere else in the cockpit).

Greg Stamer

No reason to leave them in
Go right ahead and take them out.

Use hardware similar to what’s there now to fill the holes if you’re not sure that the foam is what you really want.

Otherwise use something suitable to fill the holes. Epoxy if it’s a glass, Kevlar or carbon boat, Marine goop or Lexal if it’s poly. You can always drill them out again if you need to.

Thanks its done
I have the foam glued in so it won’t move and was just thinking of a reason to leave them in from a safety point of view? I will save every thing just in case. Just trying to make my boat more comfortable for daily use

reference article on doing this
There is an article on doing this in the Spring 2011 issue of California Kayaker Magazine. It can be read online for free at:

Of the PDF of the full issue can be downloaded from

Some removed, some not
My 2 Valley (Nordkapp LV & Aquanaut)boats do not have foot pegs. I ordered the Nordlow with custom bulkhead and received the foam rather then foot pegs and rails. My Aquanaut was also ordered with custom placed bulkhead, but I initially kept the foot pegs and later removed them. I’ve left the pegs and rail in my Romany (mostly they help hold the foam)as it is our guest boat and the adjustability of the pegs is convenient. The foot pegs and rails are still in my Elaho DS as it is a poly boat with forward bulkhead that leaks without putting pressure on it. I think it would fail if I braced off it ;-{