Foot pedal repair

Right foot pad came off my Artisan Millenium last weekend. I took a closer look today and decided to take care of it right away. Hope it works!

photo’s here…

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Same exact problem
with my Millenium! I have yet to try to fix mine and have just been paddling without the pedal on the slider.

Thanks for all the pix; I will be interested to hear how it all works out for you after you have had a chance to reassemble her and take the boat out for a spin.


Yours too!
Even if the epoxy holds, I just may order new foot pads just in case. The whole assembly comes off the “slider” easily enough.

I was taking the rudder off the boat and had to fuss with the foot pads to get the SS cables off, when it fell off into my hand.


Had a set of them.

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I tried them out on my QCC, and they worked OK, but I upgraded to a Smart Track system and sold them (to you maybe??? Memory fades).

The mounting devices are actuallly vibration-damping mounts, which are primarily designed for X/Y or X/Z motions. I don't think that the twisting motion that rudder control introduces was part of the design criteria.

If your repair job fails you might try through-bolting using a flat head machine screw with a finish washer on the foot plate side, a couple of round rubber feet for the spacer/flexor, and then through the pedal and secured via a locking nut. If the rubber feet are soft enough it should allow the foot plate to pivot as needed.


Didn’t sell them to me…
Jim. I got a price from Global outfitters to replace both of them. I’m inclined to do that. I don’t trust my quick repair. It seems to be holding, but I’m sure it’ll fail again at some point, like when I’m sailing at R******* in a 40 mph wind. I can live with the cost of new ones.


Rubber Iso-mounts
I used those for motor mounts back when I raced Gas RC Boats. They are easy to come by and reasonably cheap.

Here is a quick example: