foot peg rails

I have an Impex Assateague. Two summers in a row I have had one of the aluminum foot peg rails fail on me–snap in half while paddling. Any one else have this problem? Should I ditch the pegs altogether and go to foam blocks mounted against the bulkhead?


minimal advice
I do not know which system Impex used. If they ude Yakimas ALu. track it must be bridged between mounting points; still cannot imagine breakage.

We use Wilderness Systems Slidelock 72-20090 footpegs. No failures to date. Sand and acetone clean both surfaces; install with Plexus, end of problems.

I’ve had my Assateague for
almost 2 years now. Have never experienced any problem with the foot pegs. I just set them in position once, and never touched them since.

go foam
Once you’ve gone to bracing on foam you’ll wonder why you hadn’t gotten rid of the foot paegs sooner :wink:

Anyone else have this problem?
The Amazing Hulk?!

Man! How do you break a foot peg?!

That’s Highly Unusual…
to be able to snap the aluminum rails. More likely they torgue and bend. Regardless, there is a gap in the midsection of the rails that is not touching hull because of the hull curvature. If you want to keep the rails, unscrew them, then fashion pieces of slightly oversize minicell to fit on the backside of the rail. When you screw the rails in, the minicell will provide a firmer backing for the rails to the hull. This would help dissipate some stress. If you want a more complicated and stronger solution, ditch the minicell and shape pieces of HDPE (plastic cutting board material) for the backing. HDPE shapes fairly easily with a Stanley Sureform shaper/planer.

Having said the above, unless you have something against it, the easiest (and more comfortable) solution is to make a minicell bulkhead/feet rest.