Foot pegs for a SOF

I am building a skin-on-frame and intend to install foot pegs. What foot pegs do people recommend? Any to avoid? I have already eliminated Keepers. They are a piece of junk.

Used a couple sets of Yakima or clones maybe? No complaints other than hard to adjust while in the boat. Going to try Sea Dog on the next ones I think. Look a lot simpler to adjust.

I looked at Sea Dog
And they looked pretty good. I don’t want to drill a hole in the boat so I would have to use their glue in option. I would like to hear from someone who has used it.

Why no drilling?
My skin boat (SC-1) has Yakima, I believe, which work fine. The rails are screwed to the gunwales - why avoid rigid attachment? The gunwales are pretty robust…

Those Seadogs look pretty nice, I’ll be tempted to use those on my next build.

I guess Yakima still have the
non-ergonomic foot plates. I’ve installed them before, and I have some spares.

I put some Keepers in my '82 Noah and while I admit their construction is not confidence-inspiring, they have worked just fine.

I’m installing some relatively ergonomic footbraces in my Necky, but I don’t remember the brand. Will post when I check. I had tried to put Yakimas in the Necky (Looksha Sport), but they actually had less adjustment range for my long legs, and I didn’t want to drill two new holes per side.

Yakimas are excellent and heavy, crime to add that much weight to a very light yak.

I just use minicell foam on the frame in front of your feet. Depending on what SOF you’re building how easy this is.

Bill H.

Sea Dog
My Eddyline Nighthawk has Sea Dogs and they are very solid. I will use these when I build my SOF.


I ordered the Sea Dog, glue-in version
I know the bolt-through version will be secure but I like not having the bolt heads showing on the outside. So I am willing to give the glue-in version a try. I can always reinstall. Thanks for all your comments.