Foot pegs in Wldnrss Systms 135T

How does one remove the sliding foot pegs from one track in order to relocate them to another? I’m trying to adjust the yak from a tandem to a solo. This is an older model; pre 2020. Thanks for any insight….

I have a wilderness systems 145T and to convert from a tandem to a single the front seat simply slides back to the mid point of the boat.

From there you simply pull the foot pegs back on the track to where you need them. At least that’s how it is on my 145T (Circa 2012.)

If you have pictures of inside the boat, I probably can explain better

Thanks. I see other online references to removing the cap with a screwdriver. I need to relocate one set of pegs to the solo track position (see photo). The pegs in the rear inhibit the seat from moving back so they’re the ones that need to be moved. I’m afraid to break the cap…. It’s a new boat for me.

OK… so I figured it out. It’s a poor design, requiring muscle in an awkward position. Not an easy “field adjustment” like I expected.

Are you good then? or do you need some follow on?