Foot pegs on my Eagle Run 12

I recently tried to adjust the foot pegs on my Eagle Run 12 kayak.

One each side, there seem to be 3 pieces:

  1. the runner that is attached to the body of the kayak itself.
  2. the part that you actually put your foot on
  3. a lever that is supposed to lock the footrest in place, or when you squeeze it, release the position of the footrest to allow you to adjust it.

    On both sides, the release lever (#3) has come free of the footrest (#2) allowing the footrest to slide along the runner (#1) rather than supporting my foot position.

    In examining the levers, the do not appear to be broken, they are just not where they are supposed to be. Actually right now they are in the trunk of my car and not in the boat at all.

    Trying to put them back in place has me more stumped than solving a Rubik’s cube, a problem made worse by the fact that I can’t see what I’m doing very well even when I try to stick my head now in the bow.

    Has anyone had this trouble and successfully fixed their foot pegs? How did you do it?



hang it
When working inside the cockpit I find it helpful to hang the boat upside down so I can stand and have my head in a comfortable position and be able to look around inside. A headlamp can help too.

There are lots of foot brace styles out there. I have no experience with whats on field and stream boats. But it sounds similar to the keepers brand, which has the trigger behind the foot brace pad, and those are just a press fit into the pad. When you pull the trigger it flexes the plastic and notches into the holes in the track.

Does it look like this?