Foot Pegs

I just broke down and bought another tandem with an extra seat for a small child. Now hubby and I can put the 4 kids in 2 tandems and go paddling. The only thing we don;t like about the new boat is that the rear seat has no foot pegs. Are these things hard to add? Are they universal? We bought a Dagger Blackwater II 13.5.

You need to drill a couple of holes on both sides at the appropriate position then just screw them in:

keepers. the BW was designed to rest your feet on the back of the fwd seat.


And, do you really want your feet near 30 inches apart? Also, hull shape will probably make it harder to keep feet that far apart, at the side walls.

Can’t reach
If I am the one in that boat I can’t reach the front seat and have the kid in the front reaching their pegs. If hubby in the back then he would likely snap off the seat. We end up with our feet pushing the sides anyway.