Foot rest

I just traded for a Dagger Super Ego. I got in it and found out that there’s no pegs or anything to put your feet on. I’ve never tried a whitewater boat before and wasn’t sure if this is normal. A solution probably would be to make some foot rests out of foam, but I was wondering what other people do.

foam is a good bet
Many playboats don’t have footrests or foam bulkheads built in and you have to add them if you need them. Another option would be to add a Jackson Happy Feet footbag or a LiquidLogic footbag. Both are extremely comfortable and easy to use.


Foot Pegs Really…
suk in a ww boat. The only reason to have them is so the boat can be shared. Fact of the matter, there is alot of pressure on them when you run rapids and your feet can tired very fast. Secondly, you feet can slip off at the most inopportune time and screw up a brace or a roll. Thirdly, when you try to extricate your feet, after slipping off, you almost invariably pull them off the locations thereby sending you to shore to readjust the peg(s). Finally, pegs don’t provide floation as well as a foam bulkhead/footrest.