Foot room in an Aspect RM

What’s the foot room like in a North Shore Aspect RM? I’m waiting to paddle a demo boat at the local paddle shop (they’re on order).

I had purchased a Looksha Sport 14 and fought having to wedge my big feet (size 12) under the deck for a while and finally gave it up. Later I traded for a Tsunami 145 with lots of room under the deck but I need something more sporty. I have in mind a RM hull with a skeg in the 14-16 foot length range. A WS Alchemy seems right but I didn’t fit in it.

I’m 6’-3",215 lbs, size 12 feet, trying to perfect a roll, and the hull needs to be able to absorb the scrapes from the local low flow rivers. I have a composite Sterling Reflection but I want an RM boat to use when I know I’ll likely be riding the river bottom along the way.

Any thoughts?


if your size 12s
didn’t fit in an Alchemy L (I’m assuming you tried the L, its deck is higher than the S) then those dogs will not fit in the Aspect.

you might look at a P&H Delphin or

or a Wilderness Systems Zephyr (the larger versions of each). Both high decked & very satisfying for play. They are all longer than 14 feet if that matters.

Jackson Journey 14 is the desired 14 footer, much higher decked and has terrific ww style outfitting - of course it would, designed by EJ.

Hmmm, I think I know…
…where you could borrow a Zephyr 160 yo try, also double read the post below on the Alchemy. Good info for you and me.

Have you seen Shamoo in a Sausage?

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Aspect, no problem

I fit in with #11 sneakers so unless the OP is wearing workbooks or a platform heel he’ll fit the regular size Aspect. The LV version might be to tight if the inseam is 32"+.

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footwear matters
size 12s are, well, a size bigger than size 11s. I agree it does depend on footwear. A lot of ppl who wear size 12s w. the proportionate weight/height often seek a beefier type of water shoe, understandable given the extra support provided.

If the OP wants to try an Aspect wearing very low profile booties, and that’s comfortable on the pegs, and the angle to keep them in there is sustainable, then that’s something he could try.

Personally I’d just get a higher decked boat. Then I could wear whatever I wanted: including water shoes a full size bigger when wearing a drysuit w. goretex socks. That may apply to this OP, or not, but it’s relevant for a fair number of paddlers here.

YMMV Everyone has a diff and personal idea what comfort is. And how much they are OK with vs. how much they will endure if they really, really want a boat.

Ol’ reliable answer…
Test Paddle. That will answer all.

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The River Connection, Inc.

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Maybe a footwear issue
To fit a pair of thin socks and my drysuit booties I wear either size 12 Warmers or the NRS ankle-high booties. It’s a tight fit. I like rigid heel cups in my booties to keep my heels comfortable. Also I’m not comfortable with my heels touching and my toes splayed apart too far which is what I need to do when the deck is low.

I paddle in Central California where I need my drysuit in the ocean and where I’d use my Sterling Reflection (a perfect fit for me). I’ve begun using a 2mm wet suit in the rivers where I would use the RM boat so I probably should investigate more compact footwear that I would wear barefooted. My wife wears Five Finger Shoes.

I suppose there are lots of threads about kayak footwear. Most of my paddling experience comes wet footing in a canoe.

Thanks for any input.