foot/thigh placement

What part of your foot should be mking contact with the pegs while cruising? Should your thighs be in contact with the thigh braces while cruishing, or should you lift your knees/thighs to make pressured contact with the braces when you need it?

I am relatively new to paddling and don’t have access to anyone who probably does things correctly. I wondered if I was supposed to be paddling with my feet and knees/thighs locked into the pegs/braces or if you were supposed to move your feet/knees to the pegs/braces when you plan to edge or whatever manuever you might be doing.

Any advice would be appreciated.

stay comfy, dont brace till you need to

stay comfortable with loose hips. Don’t lock yourself in. Many beginners feel very unstable because they have all areas locked in because they think they’re more stable…feet, thighs pushing against the braces, tight lower back…etc. Eliminate the need to feel like you gather stablility from cruising in this configuration.

Like Joelong said, use em when you need them.

… while cruising along, do you paddle with your feet on the pegs or do you have your legs straight out with feet on the bottom of the kayak? I put my feet on the pegs with my legs bent but loose. Is it pretty much a matter of what is comfortable to the paddler, or is there a correct method to it all?

Ball of foot on the pegs
I think most people position their feet this way. This 1) allows good leverage to paddle against, 2) allows you leeway to push your thighs into the braces if you need to, and 3) allows you leeway in the other direction to straighten your legs to allow an exit or just to relax a little.