Foot wear for gas peddle rudder

Neither my Keen’s nor Chacko’s are flexible enough to operate the peddle without engaging my whole foot.I don’t want to go barefoot.


You know the answer
A thin soled neoprene or barefoot water shoe.

You didn’t say what make the pedal is
Mine are smart track and I have no trouble using Tevas, Bass Pro Shops, or wally world el cheapo running shoes that I have drilled for drainage.

If I am on a long paddle, I enjoy bare foot though.

If they are smart track have you got them properly adjusted?

Jack L

The rudder is a Smart Track and is on
the way. The boat came with an under stern 8" rudder and it took little imagination for me to hear it go CRUNCH! on whatever.

I’ll try it with the shoes I have and go from there.

It’s winter and I’m restless. Silly question time.

My Chota Mukluks work fine with mine.

What’s a rudder?

too much snow and not enough water. Especially one not used to this colder than average kind of winter… You need to plan another winter trip down here, amigo, and bring that new ski along with the T160 with you!

OTOH, how the heck can you be bored with earthquakes in the neighborhood…??? Oh, I know -that’s how you guys on freshwater lakes make waves to


-Frank in Miami

There is a little knurled knob…

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at the end of the track. Just turn it to adjust the toe pedal. That usually only works for a year until they get frozen up.
Then you have two choices:
1. Put pliars on the knurled knob and turn until the
G. D. things breaks
2. Adjust them from the rear by takeing up or loosening the cable. I can walk you through that when the time comes

Congrats, you are now the proud owner of the most complicated rudder system in the world with 13 parts on each side.
If you paddle a thousand miles a year, you need a crate full of spare parts and pieces and a lot pf patience.

Jack L

I’ve used dive booties, and inexpensive WalMart water shoes, and both have worked fine.

On that boat, I also find I don’t need flexible soles to work those pedals -I can just rotate my foot on the pedal hinge that depresses the upper half of the pedal to engage the rudder cable while maintaining pressure on the lower, immobile half to lock me in the seat.

What the heck happened to make the rudder go crunch…?

Good luck with the new ski. May it war up soon, and you get good shoes, to take it out to literally


-Frank in Miami

Yes, time to stop talking and test
drive it but not when the water is 40 deg.

Frank, we have these things that are unknown in NY south (Florida)called rocks. That under stern rudder is formed around a SS post. Hit one of the afore mentioned objects and “CRUNCH”! A sound we hate to hear.

A couple of years ago in the Lumber
River race, in low water, there were two boats, (one an Epic) put out of commission by having their understern rudders demolished.

Jack L

Keeps you from getting too close
to the bottom and going aground. Makes a kayak look fancier and more interesting. Can be used for steering by those with limited paddling and edging skills. Actually useful on very long kayaks.

SmartTrack overstern BUT
I’m pretty sure the pedals are not SmartTrack - they should be whatever came with the Stellar ski for the understern rudder.

Any purpose made paddling shoe works with the toe pedals for me. Hiking boots and such will not … :wink:

I use NRS shoe with 2mm neoprene sock with one or two pairs of wool socks and my latex sock on the dry suit in the winter (freezing temps) and have no dexterity issues. Barefoot in the summer - can’t wait…