Foot wear

With Fall approaching, what do most of you wear on your feet to keep a warm dry foot when entering and exiting a SOT kayak. Any suggestions are appreciated. I would like to have the lightest weight possible for Fall fishing. It is getting past flip flop time.

You might consider these:

They will definitely keep your feet dry and while pricy, Kokatat has a lifetime warranty.

Worn over a something like a thick SmartWool sock the Hydrus 31 would keep your feet warm, but you’d also need to wear some type of footwear to protect the Hydrus from abrasion.

Neoprene boots work to a degree, but your feet get wet.

neoprene or wool sox and high boots
I wear Kokatat Nomad knee high hard sole boots year round and in cold weather I add NRS neoprene socks inside or wool socks. With the knee high shaft your feet never get wet when launching.

For more money…
Knee high mukluks, Chota or NRS etc. You can also look for scuba divign dry boots, often half the price. They are warm though, usually thicker than paddle wear.

Of course any boot is no longer dry once water comes over the top.

How cold
It depends on how cold the water is where you intend to paddle. I will still be wearing my NRS wetshoes for awhile. When the water finally gets pretty cold, I will be wearing NRS, or Chota neoprene boots with neoprene socks. If it’s too cold for that, I find something else to do.

SealSkinz Submerge Socks

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Rather Hanz, not SealSkinz

Makes your feet waterproof rather than adding a tall waterproof boot. Space enough inside to add some light wool sock-age. Breathable membrane so as to help manage interior moisture. Doubt that transpires h2o if submerged.

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My Chota Mukluks with wool socks
have worked for me for years. If I have to replace them, I’ll go with NRS because of the adjustment strap across the top of the foot.