Footbrace install in fiberglass Malecite

I’ve installed a number of footbraces in Royalex hulls but none in a glass boat. Is there any more to it than a Rx install?

Thanks in advance!

I have installed a number of them…
…in kevlar and glass and will be in royalex so we should get together.

I just use aluminum angles for the side supports, drill holes through the hull and rivit them to the hull.

I use a dab of silicon on each rivit as I am doing it and then put a dab over the outside when I am done.



That is exactly the method
… I’ve used in Royalex installs. Sounds like I’m good-to-go then. I’m ordering a Wenonah FB right now. Thanks.

Oh yea …
Make sure you tell them it’s a Rx install when you order the brace. Wenonah sends out bigger rivets for Rx.