footbrace is too high - advice?

I have an awesome new (used) canoe and had a foot brace installed, but I think it’s a bit too high for me… hits at the base of my toes.

I’ve only used a foot brace once so not sure where it should be located. I’m looking for advice for making this work without drilling more holes.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

It is hard to tell without seeing you…
sitting in the canoe with your feet on it.

Can’t you move the foot brace forward or backward?

If you had it installed you should have sat in the canoe and the installer should have helped you with the position of the height.

One option is to place the foot brace under the side supports if it is above them

You can always use a piece of aluminum tubing with a rope threaded through it and then tied to the existing one at the height you want.

Another option is to use some “stand-offs” under the side channels that are now supporting the foot brace and just install a new one at the height you want.

Describe the materials and how it is installed, and someone here or I can possibly give you a solution

jack L

I would probably make something
out of stiff foam that would go over the footbrace and down to the bottom of the canoe.

Similar thoughts as ezwater here.

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Another thing you could do is make a wide "ramp", or two smaller ones (one for each foot), using material that you can go get right now - plywood or something similar.

Decide what angle your feet will be comfortable at if they had full support from heel to toe. Mark the floor of the boat where your heels go when your feet are in that position. Cut one wide piece or two narrow pieces of quarter-inch plywood, roughly the length of your feet. Put one end of the plywood on the floor where your heels rest on the floor of the boat, lean it up against the footrest bar, and then figure out a way to attach the resulting ramp(s) to the bar. String or wire threaded through holes drilled in the plywood and around the bar would work fine.

You could use other sheet materials besides quarter-inch plywood, but I suggested that because it's light. Two "pedals" made of that material should have a total weight of just a few ounces.

What model/type of foot brace?
Kayak pegs? Wenonah aluminum sliding? Wenonah aluminum with screws? Something else?