Footbrace mounting

I am contemplating mounting a set of adjustable footbraces in my Bell Magic.

I know that PBW simply glues them in with Plexus, but I am a big guy and would like to have a heftier mounting system - SS studs with glue-in plates. Duckworks has a nice tutorial on their webpage for installing the Sea Dog footbraces. For initial positioning they suggest thickened epoxy. But how to thicken?

Quartz microspheres?

Silica thickener?

Phenolic microballoons?

Or I might just use a dollop of PC-7.


Why not PC-7 straight?
Aside from its color, I like PC-7’s shear strength. I think it’s got microfibers, although I haven’t looked at it under a microscope and, of course, mfr. won’t divulge.

While I love PC-7
I would not trust it for anything more than the initial positioning of the studs.

Layers of glass cloth need th be applied to gain adhesive bonding area and to distribute the pressure over a larger area. My Magic is a Black Gold layup, and the flexy hull needs localized reinforcement for the studs.


okay with Plexus
I’ve been pleased, for the last year and a half, with my RapidFire’s footbraces, which are Plexused in. I am 6’0", 215 pounds, and I like to paddle hard. I also use the braces to push myself back up onto the seat after I slide down.

– Mark

PC-11 is the marine version of PC-7. It is an even more obnoxious white color (actually slightly blue-ish white), and it works great !

I used it to bobd the footbrace into my Bell Northwoods, and it is very solid.

Clean the area well and be careful to wipe out excess while you can. I used duct tape to hold things in place while it set up, but I really don’t think it was even needed.