Footbraces for Merlin II

I’m thinking about installing footbraces for sit-n-switch style paddling in my Merlin II. I see that Bell sells two products (one that uses rivets and one which doesn’t). I believe Wenonah sells footbraces which seem to adjust much more easily. I’m a little leary about punching holes in the KevLights material or gluing things to it. I’d appreciate any comments or footbrace suggetions. Also any ideas for keeping my butt in place on the cane seat.

installing footbraces
I have installed footbraces in most of my canoes over the years–including both types of footbraces sold by Bell. I use the rivet type for ABS canoes and glue the carbon fiber type in my composite canoes using Bell Superbond (wonderful stuff). Hope this helps.

The first hole you drill hurts…
…the worst !

After that the others are a piece of cake.

Why not make it yourself.

You can get the aluminum channel for the sides and the tubing at Lowes or Home Depot.

Use pop rivits and a little silicon sealant with each one.

Make it so that it is adjustable in inch increments to go forward or back several inches.