footbraces installed without drilling

Looking to install a footbrace with Plexus so I don’t have to drill. I know the carbon Bell is out there. But, I’m wondering about other options. A carbon footbrace is kind of overkill for a 65 pound fiberglass Malecite canoe.

Ever work with West System epoxy?
My first experience was this year, and it went very well.

I do not know if they stock it at West Marine in the North Hills (no relation) but McMaster-Carr Supply has a West repair kit with pouches of resin & hardener, filler, mixing cups and fiberglass fabric.

McMaster-Carr # 7480A31, $27.22.

Are you installing flanges, or sliding kayak-style braces? If the latter, MMC also has the glass-in studs as well. Page 3108 - too many sizes to list. Also available from Duckworks in smaller numbers, but higher prices.

Even though I have a kayak that is held together with Plexus, I still trust epoxy to a greater extent.

Good luck brian!


funny you should ask …
My first experience using epoxy was this past weekend. I was pretty much intimidated by it. I’m used to working with my hands, but I’ve never been around anykind of fiberglass or epoxy work. I was seriously thinking about calling, you, McCrea or Pyker to chat a little. But, I just sucked it up read the West System handout and got started.

I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed it. I did some things ok, some I’ll need to do over. But, I did learn a bit and am not quite so a’scared of glass and epoxy anymore.

Thanks Mike McCrea for the fiberglass. It really helped me to get started.

Thanks to NT too for posting about doing some local WW. It was the nudge I needed to finally get the ME down and begin getting it ready. One more day and it’ll be ready to go.

Jim, I may bring a Malecite to Raystown that needs some side/tumblehome strengthening at the seat area. I’d like to get some advice from you and others on how to do it right. Currently, I’ve got a rather unsightly saddle wedged under the center seat so the sides don’t have to carry all my weight.

The footbraces question I posted is for a showroom new 1993 Malecite. I hate to drill it since it is a pristine boat in every way.

Sometimes I forget
that not everyone has fiddled with resin & boats.

Brian I will have to search for the link, but on one of the boat building sites (strippers) there is a great description on how to install the studs. I know I have the link on my home PC.

I was going to offer to send you pictures of my tumblehome shoulder repairs, but they blended quite nicely and I doubt it would show in a digital pic. I can show you at R-Town, and I am sure that some others who are more skilled than me can offer alternative methods.


"I did some things ok…"
I know the feeling. When I repaired my shoulders, in retrospect I could have filled a gallon Zip-Lock with fine sand, and used it to press-out the layers of glass I laminated into the Magic. Luckily, the area is more or less unseen due to the seat hanger arches.

Of course, NT may show up with an inspection mirror at R-twn and grade me severely.


I installed some Yakima foot braces in my Shearwater. I used 3M 5200, it has been two years and they seem to be damn near permanent.

hanging bar
(i have a kayak with a tiller bar that hangs from fittings in the boat.) i can imagine a hanging cross brace (1x4?) with lines that attach to a thwart behind you- next to the inwales- and another pair of lines attached to a thwart in front of your feet. suspended. totally adjustable.

Photos of footbrace installations?
Does anyone know where I can find photos showing footbraces already installed? My knees aren’t always happy with kneeling anymore and it’s been suggested that braces would work well in my Liberty but I’m having trouble visualizing it.

pretty simple concept, here’s a pic

Once you get used to being attached to the boat (obviously you are since you kneel) nothing else is acceptable.

bell carbon
I bought the footbrace and returned it. It was too bulky for my Hemlock Kestrel and really got in the way of putting any camping gear forward. it also looks a bit flimsy to me.

Took CEW recommendations and having a set of keepers somewhere in the house ordered some MA300 from Jamestown Distrubutors. Sand the back of the plastic with 60 and also the area to receive the footbrace. Clean with acetone then mix up the 300. Order two tubes because you will surely screw up the first batch…I did?

I am sure you can use any other type of footbrace with this type of application.