Footpegs good and compass on....

Thanks for all the ideas and help. Footpegs are good now…made some backband adjustments and it seems to be doing the trick…have some material to add if need be, now i know what to do if i need too.

Compass is on and aligned great. I agree, don’t over think these things.

Now we just need HEAT and SUN !!! where are you? Feels like fall in the north country today. Low 50’s. Just awful. 4 days of it now! ENOUGH ALREADY!

heat index 110 F
Can’t wait for summer to get here.

wish we had any kinda heat.
Felt more like fall today. Grey and chilly. It is now in the high 60’s. WOW!!!

Footpegs add a LOT
Many people over look footpegs, big mistake !.

This is a massive technique hint overlooked by many novices

Footpegs aid in efficiency of travel upon the water.