Footrest for tall paddlers

Hi, I recently purchased a Perception Carolina. It’s a beautiful boat, but my feet extend about 4+ inches beyond the footrests.

Please give me any information concerning how I might get extended footrests (there’s enough room before the bulkhead) or anything that will help me out.

I would suggest pulling the footrests and using minicell to build the bulkhead out to your feet. Your feet will be a whole lot happier. You can use differnt thicknesses of foam for shims to get the distance correct.

Sounds like you are tall like me.
See if the seat can be moved back. Tall people tend to shift the center of gravity forward, so moving the seat back will correct it, as well as reduce weathercocking when you don’t have gear in the back. But shifting the seat back is not likely to get you all you need to get your feet on the pegs.

Another option is to shift the footbrace rails forward. However, this means two holes to plug.

Examine the rails and footpegs. On some older versions, Yakimas for example, the footpegs don’t go very near the ends of the rails. I replaced some stock rails with Wilderness Systems rails that use the same mounting holes, but where the footpegs go much farther than what was in the boat originally.

Or, if you don’t have a wall in there, just cross your legs and use them on opposite pegs! :wink:

i know how you feel Im 6"6
I had the same problem in my wilderness systems tempest170.I unscrewed the footpegs,Drilled new holes 3inches futher up and filled the old holed with new screws and nuts.Although i hear you can patch the holes with melted plastic,which is what im trying to find out about.I have plenty of room now,it just cosmeticly not pretty.good luck

2 good suggestions already.
Take out the pedals and use foam as suggested(I did that) or move the track and put SS bolts w/washers in the holes.

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These are all interesting suggestions.

I’m surprised nobody just sells longer footrest rails.

In any case, it sounds like I have to drill holes, but before I do this, I need very exact details: What are ‘SS’ screws? What types of washers / bolts / nuts are appropriate?

And how to nicely fill the now empty holes? Should I just keep the screws in them or fill them?

Thanks, everybody!

SS = stainless steel nm