I paddle a kayak and I have size 12 feet. I first bought Kickers but got tired of sand and gravel getting in the ankle high booties. I bought a pair of Warmers that keep the sand and gravel out.

My problem is not enough footroom under the deck for a comfortable foot position. The Kickers are a bit smaller and the sole is shaped for a better fit under the deck than the Warmers.

I’m looking for a small footpring shoe/bootie with a rigid heelcap. What bootie/shoe should I try? any suggestions?


Check Scuba shops

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Think out of the box for similar water sports.
A scuba shop might have exactly what you like.

Personally I think NRS has great stuff

Best paddling shoes
One thing I like about these is that they really protect my feet and they do allow room for my big feet under the deck.

The NRS Kicker wood be better if it were a high top. Maybe they have it.

Footroom has been an issue for me from day one of kayaking. My feet don’t comfortably splay open (duck-footed)which doesn’t help the issue.

I have a composite Capella 173, my first kayak, with plenty of footroom. When I was looking for a second more manueverable plastic boat for the local slow-flow rivers I tried the large Alchemy, an old Looksha Sport 14 and the large Zephyr. I had footroom issues with those boats. For a short time I paddled the Tsunami 145 (sausage boat). The Tsunami has lots of footroom but too vanilla for me.

I eventually moved the seat back two inches in a Zephyr 160 and it became a “perfect fit” for the kind of paddling I do. I could still benefit by a slightly more compact shoe/bootie.

Thanks again for any suggestions.

I got frustrated trying to find footwear with a good heel for the kayak position, and put heel pads in my boat. That gave me more options for what I put on my feet.