Footwear For Cold Weather Kayaking

What’s good?

Brother Kudzu
I bought a pair of those Chota Mukluks at the end of last spring, they are comfy, warm and dry. They are a bit bulky, I also have a pair of NRS booties they are lower volume, but my feet do get wet, but they are warm. So I use both of those. I think dry is good.

The Chota catalog says their mukluks run big so you can wear thick socks. Do they run VERY big?

I’d agree with that statement.

Hey there
Check out this website, just go to footwear, then paddling. There is only one pair of boots.

Bought them last year and they are great. They are waterproof, as well as nice and warm. Top of the boot has a seal with a cinch strap. Also the best price I have found the shipping took 4 days to Sacramento.



Chotas - great boot

Yeah, they run big

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I found that I could wear one size smaller than my street shoes and still fit a thin pair of wool socks comfortably.

I used to use my mukluks all winter, but since installing latex socks on my dry suit, I find that regular neoprene paddling boots are just as warm and considerably less bulky.

Bulk Is A Consideration
I really prefer to paddle barefoot or just in thick socks if possible. Do your feet stay dry in the neoprene sock / neoprene boot combo?

I love my NRS Boundary Shoes
We wore them all over Alaska and even hiked in them.

You can step in 35 degree water and your feet stay warm and dry.


Jack L

Ditto Chota’s
Great boots, warm and toasty.


Hey Jack!
Do the NRS Boundary shoes run big? If I order a 10 is it really more like an 11?

Ditto Chotas on warmth and
running large. My feet suffered until I got them.

Yeah I love my chotas too.

warm but bulky. Can just squeeze them into my SOF (forget a wet exit, they’re locked in). Can’t get them into my surf or white water boats. Haven’t needed to since installing latex booties on the drysuit. A pair of fleece socks underneath and one size large neo booties do the trick.

Frankly, if you have a problem with your feet being big and near the edge of accommodation in the boat, and you have a drysuit, the best bet is to install the booties. This way you don’t worry about the bulk of the boot, water going over the top of them, or taking a swim where the feet end up wet (likely cold).


I normally take a…
8-1/2 or a nine, and mine are nine and fit me good.

I always wear a pair of smart wool socks in them.



Yes and no

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There was a typo in my previous post. I should have said "latex", not "neoprene" socks. The latex socks are attached to my dry suit, so no water gets into them. However, my feet do sweat and the socks do get damp, but not soaking wet. I tried tight fitting latex socks over wool socks before I installed the socks on the suit, but water gets right into them and you end up squishing around all day.

Thank You