Footwear for wide feet.

I’m looking for water shoes for wide (EE) feet, something with a not too thick (like Tevas, love them, but not while kayaking. My heels hurt after a while) My local shop has nothing for fat duck feet like mine. I hate ordering mail order shoes because I usually end up sending them back beacuse they are too narrow. I’d like shoes that will stand up to walking around on gravel bars on riverbanks. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I wish mine were just
EE try finding shoes when your EEEE. I do order online but as a last resort. I recently picked up a pair of Keen water sandals a half size larger than normal. The right fit fine the left took about five miles of dog walking to break in.

12 EE here
I have found these to work good for me. They not only fit well but they are not bulky, which means more room to move around in the cockpit.

thanks for the advice!
The shoe world is not kind to the wide footed bloke.