I just took my new Sevylor Pointer K1 out yesterday and found that my Teva sandals are too uncomfortable to wear in the kayak. I’m 6’ 1" so the foot room in the K1 is pretty tight. I couldn’t seem to get comfortable with the sandals on. I couldn’t get my feet in a comfortable position and I started getting cramps as a result. I ended up taking the sandals off and throwing them in the cargo hatch on the back of the boat. After that I was pretty comfortable and could even change my leg positions around some which made the rest of the day far more comfortable. Any suggestions on a pair of protective footwear that will keep me from getting stabbed in the foot getting in and out of the boat while still being as minimal as wearing a pair of socks? I’m planning on going by REI to pick up a new pfd I ordered in a couple days and they appear to have a few different types of kayak shoes but I can’t tell from the pics how comfortable they are. I think I need something that doesn’t bind around the ankles like sandals and which probably has a very minimal or at least very flexible sole. Suggestions?

water socks
For warm water (water temps of about 70 or higher), I use inexpensive water socks from various sporting goods stores (or even Target).

For cold water, I wear wet suit booties. Just picked up a pair of kayak specific booties on closeout from REI that I look forward to trying out:

wet shoes
I picked up a pair of wet shoes from West Marine for under 20 bucks and I love them. Highly recommend!

Vibram Five Fingers…
Take a look into these. With a tough Vibram sole, these sandals will hold up to a lot of abuse. But, they are still very form fitted. I personally love mine and plan on getting another pair.



Here in Idaho on the snake traction is important. I swear by my NRS Kickers. 2 paie in 8 years of heard paddling is well worth the &30 dollars per pair. I have never introduced someone to them that regretted the purchase.