For all you DIY people

Just thought I’d share a link to the place where I buy my boating materials. They have stuff NOT listed in the catalog as well, like 2" thick closed cell foam which I bought to fashion a new bulkhead. Fortunately, they are local for me & I can walk in & browse the odds & ends & get great deals. I figured some of you have projects going on & might need some harder to find material. If you don’t see what you need, just call them. Wal mart they’re not & will answer the phone. (FYI, I don’t work there or know anyone who does.)Just a good place to find boating stuff.

Good link
Checked their their marine fabrics and their prices seem pretty reasonable. I want to make a Sunbrella sheet cover for my kayak, to give it UV protection on those days I keep it on my dock. Just have to figure out the yardage - and a simple method of securing it over the kayak to the dock.


Could sew a hem around cover
with space for bungee cord to keep it snug. I sometimes find bungee cheap in surplus stores or eBay. R

Similar business but seemingly bigger, at least their site is. Seattle based, so right out the door for me.

Btw, Seattle Sports is (surprisingly) a really good source for closed-cell. They have a ton of sizes.