for pinhole leak in cockpit rim

I can’t think of another way to fix it than to get a resin syringe to squeeze into the suspect area. Does this seem reasonable?

Also does a silicate thickening agent sound like it would be necessary?

Poly rotomold, or Composite kayak?

Just A Dap Of
epoxy over the pin hole will suffice. The epoxy will dry in clear mode and won’t hardly be noticed. I’ve been modifying my waveski and working with foam, epoxy and filler. It’s a messy situation. I will also have to paint over it since the filler creates this weird skin putty color. No need for that to just cover a pin hole.


It depends
A thickiner might be need to fill a large pinhole but you can use two pieces of wax paper on each side of the hole to hold in a small amount of epoxy. You might have to tape the wax paper on but the epoxy won’t stick to it. Depending upon the weather conditions and the epoxy you’re using that stuff can flow out of a hole hours later. If you use the wax paper firmly on each side you’ll end up with a smooth surface.

That’s Why I Keep 5 minute Epoxy
around. Stir it up wait a couple of minutes, you can stick in it and it’ll stay in place. If you really want to use a thicken epoxy, there is also epoxy putty used for plumping applications. This stuff is thick, stays in place, and will cure even under water.