? for QCC 500 / 700 owners

Hi I am considering just spending the cash and getting a laminate boat instead of poly. Was researching the QCC 500 threads and evals and some folks indicate when using the boat unloaded that is sits high on the water and can have a lot of affect from wind. Is this your experience? Is the 700 likewise affected by wind when unloaded?

I will use the boat only for day trips and never load it for camping.

Q700 Experience
I’m 210 lbs and have no trouble paddling the Q700 unloaded. However I no some lighter members in our club tried it and hated it because it sat too and the wind pushed it across the water. The Q700 has LOTS of buoyancy. For just day paddling you might want to consider the Q600.

I am on my second QCC-700
and in the family we have had a 600, and my wife has a 10.

I am 150 pounds, and have been many times in high seas and strong winds, and never have had a problem with the boat blowing around.

I put about a thousand miles a year on the boat, and most of that is in the ocean or the Gulf.

I strongly advise getting a rudder.

I can and do paddle all day long without using it, but with a 15 or 20 MPH quartering wind, it is a blessing.

Also if you get into racing, a rudder is a must, (no wasted correction strokes)

Jack L

My Experience
I have had a 700 for several years now and my wife has a 600. I have paddled it in strong winds both empty and loaded and have never had a problem. It does share a characteristic with a number of other boats in that if it is empty you need to put down the skeg a very small amount. If you have a rudder you may have to use it in higher winds. This does not distinguish it from most boats in its class. I have only paddled the 500 once and that was a few years ago in calm conditions. I only remember that it was way too big for me and at the time I was 5’10" and about 170.

QCC 500
I love my 500 for camping, but unless you need a big boat for your big frame, I don’t see the point in hauling the 500 around! I don’t really find it’s very much affected by the wind, but I can’t imagine the 700 isn’t a bit more nimble in general.


I have had a Q700 for 2 years paddling twice a week, always empty, on the ocean and bays with winds to 20 kts. With the rudder deployed there is zero wind problem. Without the rudder it is unpleasant to paddle in any wind. Don’t know about the skeg. An excellent boat that handles bumps and chop very well when empty.

Another 700…
owner. 6’ tall, and 190lb. I’ve noticed the rear quarting wind push, but no worse than my low volume, hard chined boat. Maybe better. A great boat for open water, in my opinion.


I have
A 400X with the rudder. I only do day trips but the boat has plenty of storage space. The only time I have had trouble with the wind was when I was trying to paddle into 20mph head wind this past spring. Needless to say I only went about 1.5 miles before deciding to turn back as I was not having much fun. I have had my QCC for 2 years now and am satisfied with it’s performance but I do recommended getting the rudder option.

thanks folks
thanks for the quick and thoughtful replies. Looks like they are very good in wind with the rudders. Do the rudders cause significant drag when deployed or about the same aas any other boat I imagine.

As stated in the thread about QCC coskpit size I’m around 5’11" 200lbs. so it seems either the 500 or 700 would work with the 700 being more performance oriented.

Thanks again, will start putting my spare change away and order when they have a good sale, hopefully this fall.

keep an eye
On the used boats on their website and other websites for that matter. I bought my 500 from them used at a great price. I could barely tell. They don’t blow around any more that any other boat. The 500 is big. Get a rudder.

Ryan L.

SmartTrack Rudder

– Last Updated: Aug-09-11 10:58 PM EST –

Smarttrack combines fixed foot pegs with movable rudder pedals.
Allows you use a rudder without giving up rigid foot braces,
essential for solid bracing in a performance kayak.


Rudders are awesome - destroy the myths

I’ve paddled a 700 for seven years
It is my main boat as long as there are no rocks. I’m 5’9 210 lbs with size 11 shoe and fit fine. I’ve paddled loaded in winds around 40 mph and empty in winds over 20 mph several times, definitely get the rudder, it adds very little drag.



kbobb, I am your size - if you only need a day touring boat, the Q400 would work fine. That’s what I have and it works very well. Plenty of space for a big lunch, folding chair, extra clothes, etc. The 500 is more of a freighter. I went with the 400 because I wanted a bigger cockpit to have space to move my legs around on long paddles - I found the 700 a sweet boat to paddle, but too confining (and too long for my garage at 18’).

You’ll notice QCC virtually never has a 400 on their used boat page, which tells me most customers are satisfied, or so I tell myself.

Need More Info
We need to know your experience. Are you athletic or trying to get some exercise? What do you want to do with the boat. I am 6’4", 215lbs, and 11eee. I have a 500 and 700. I have briefly paddled a 400. The 500 is big, stable, sits high, fast, and easy to roll. It does fine in most conditions. The 700 is a tight fit, less stable, sits well, very fast, easy to turn, and very easy to roll. It does better in most conditions. I would say the 400 is in between the 2 boats in handling. You need to have the engine to take advantage of the 700. I would look at the 600 or 400 Kevlar or Carbon/Kevlar. If you are athletic or experienced then go for the 700. When I head out into textured water, I paddle my Quest, Tempest 170, and Fathom.


Rudder drag
The rudder is smaller and foil shaped, so has less drag than some rudders out there.