For The Old Timers

Ready to ply the waters of Horsetooth Reservoir Kayak Classifieds | Wilderness systems pamlico 140 kayak..good used kayak..water tight rear storage..wilderness phase 3 seating..adjustable foot pegs.includes werner padd...


Iin the days of the Old Timers there were no plastic kayaks. Maybe a few Kleppers were around, a lot of aluminum canoes and some wood and canvas ones.

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Inside joke (only recognizable to pre-2012 forum “old timers”). Back then there was a new owner of a Pamlico 140 who became so notorious for his hyperbolic claims on the forums about the boat being the world’s best kayak that he took a lot of ribbing, mostly good-natured.


Not him—there’s no mention of the gray thing.


Lol I remember that

Was Pammy that far back? He should be grown by now.
Swedge also paddled a Pamlico 140. Called it a plastic Kruger.

I know the paddler behind Pammy. He still paddles on occasion. He got remarried and life has guided him in other directions.

Pammy vs Nigel

And Half Nut


I remember that little animation (Pammy vs Nigel Dennis).

Had not seen the Half Nut one from the archives – gave me more of a chuckle seeing it now since I’ve become one of those loony-toon skinny stick, Q-using friends of Dubside’s since that was first posted…

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Thanks for the reminder. I got a good number of laughs out of those exchanges but, being a single blade guy, I stayed out of them at the time. Got a number of good laughs out of the vids also.

There was another that I enjoyed, and perhaps there are some here who would get a laugh from this one also, even though it doesn’t involve a Pamlico 140.

circumnavigate africa in a pun-go… - YouTube

Pammy and the Grey Thing - Forever in our hearts. Gone but not forgotten.

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The WS Pamlico 140 and the OT Loon 138 were my two first kayaks and have a place in my heart. I am grateful (or perhaps should curse these) for starting me down the “stream” of different boats and paddling venues.

Although a good boat in the right venue, the P140 is not the “end all, be all” boat that its most famous PNet proponent proclaimed, the “grey thing” not withstanding. But, no boat is “all that and a bag of chips” no matter what the respective owners might think.

So lets toast those who have paddled and loved their boats, even if over zealously!

PS - For the really old, old timers here, can you remember what Chuck_von_Yamashita’s first PNet handle/name was? Hint - it started with a “T”.



Who remembers when PNet started the places to paddle map? If I recall, that was one of the reasons I joined (04/08).

Old fossil here who remembers his original handle, as well as his original female cohort, whom Paris seems to have run off for good.

I once took a dog obedience class in which an adult akita nipped her owner. You shoulda seen the instructor light into that dog and the owner! She grabbed the leash, the dog tried to bite HER, and the instructor loudly reprimanded it: “There’s only one head btch in here!”

Though Paris always looks mellow, who knows what may have transpired in a showdown with Wanda? T…er, yamashita_chuck, do tell why Wanda has not made an appearance in eons!

A Gal and HIS Dog

There once was a gal named Wanda
With whom Chuck formed an unusual bond-a.
But along came a terrier
Who bit Wanda’s derriere!
And Wanda sank down in the pond-a!


Wanda, the inflatable sea bitch


Da biggest, bestest kayak known to humanity…Nothing else could handle the treacherous waters of the Horsetoots Reservoir.

–Only one problem: The Pamlico yak in the ad isn’t RED. And everyone knows red is the fastest and bestest!

(…Now where did I put dat limited edition Fat Elmo autographed can of Spam?)


Look out for that TSUNAMI!! :ocean::sweat_drops:

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I first encountered Chuck on the forums (almost 20 years ago?) and presumed that old handle (which he also used there) related, not to a plastic kayak model, but to having experienced the real meteorological phenomenon during his years stationed on naval bases in East Asia. Back then I recall he had owned a few (?) Feathercraft folders, including a Khatsalano and an inflatable Java, as well as a couple of other inflatables (including the pneumatic vixen, Wanda).

Ding, ding, ding for Tsunami. Also, the mention of TChuck’s past paddling companion, Wanda (pikabike), and affinity for folding kayaks (willowleaf) and other crafts (and bikes).

I am generally happy to see the old timers still posting here (and mourn the news of those who have “paddled on…”).



And were glad to be here!