For the visability freaks

Occasional people ask about reflective tape and deck lines.

Here is another option for those that want to make themselves more visible.

I haven’t used it. I’m not endorsing it. I’m just sayin’.

Great product…
I see a potentional for a lot of applications. Imagine the night time grafiti that would spring up.

Interesting. I wonder if it dries smooth

Yer reckon’ dat iffin’ ah’…
spray it on me right purdy scalp de astroonuts in outter space kin see me?


too late FE
Maybe you are the reason they haven’t been back. figured our civilization needs a few more thousand years after interviewing you and seeing your arcane mode of transport across the water…

don’t worry Andy, we haven’t forgotten what FE did to you…


My reflective stuff never lights up…
… except on flash photos or when I shine a flashlight on them, and I paddle urban areas with all sorts of shore lights. Where are you folks paddling whre you have boats with headlights to light your reflective up? L

Y’all need one of these too
Really bright neon orange, particularly around dawn/dusk. The reflective - not so much - but gives it the poplular look - and might help you find it if you drop it at night. No cotton either! L

how come I never got a hat???


Because you’re into that…

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.. low profile thing. Black kayaks, skinny neutral padles... The hats aren't everyone's cup o tea and I sort of though that might apply to you...

Applies to me a bit as I tend to wear my cheapo black surplus boonie a bit more on longer paddles as I'm more concerned about the sun than the boaters - but the cap is better in wind and when out on shorter/faster/harder paddles (often keep it in the under deck bag so I can switch). I get comments on how visible it is whenever I paddle with it on. If not wearing a helmet, I also wear it cycling. Nice simple light caps for those who wear caps paddling - or for any fitness activity - even without the visibility factor. All cotton joking aside - the lightweight all synthetic construction w. CoolMax sweatband is pretty nice in warm weather, dry or wet.

Your son got one at ECC&K fest last year didn't he? I'll send a couple up with Carlos' paddle, etc. See email.