For those who liked my tutorials...

-- Last Updated: Mar-10-13 5:02 PM EST --

...formerly on Webshots, I've started putting them up on my website: So far, I have these done:

Gelcoat Repair
Gelcoat Restoration
Fiberglass Repair
Shoulder-mounting a VHF Radio

I will be adding more as I find the time to do them, so if what you need isn't there, check back periodically. If there's something specific you need, email me and I'll make it a priority.

thanks for the heads-up. I’ve always found your tutorials most valuable and keep them in my bookmarks.

I built your kayak storage rack last Summer.

Thanks for all the work.

Good info, nice job
I read both your how to mount my VHF, and your “gelCoat” repair.

Up to know I have used the epoxy and auto paint method for my gel coat repairs, but will try your method next time.

Also up to know have carried my VHF radio either on the deck or in a compartment, and have always though I would like a better way.

Thanks, and I hope others will take advantage of your good tutorials.

Jack L