For your viewing pleasure--Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to share this exceptionally well-done video.
I prefer Southeastern/warmer climate paddling and I don’t see near as many out there compared to our brothers and sisters paddling up north.

Happy Thanksgiving


Great adventure.

I’m in a pretty good mood after getting out on the water yesterday following a week of winter storms. 55 degrees in SW MI yesterday and the white stuff is helpful since it scares away the jetskis and southerners.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


And you !

54° here, but a calm, clear, sunny day.

Thank You! Very enjoyable video. When the video started I thought he was on the Flint River in mid. Georgia. Very similar to the Cahaba. I love it when the spyder lilys bloom.

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Enjoyed the video. A little snow never scared me away. In the past, I’ve enjoyed breaking what little ice we’ve ever had on lakes.
BUT, that was then. Tom, you paddle in places that look like what I look for.


Anyways, it’s “heart warming” to see so many still out there, despite the cold weather. I took a plunge with my buddies in 45° ocean water on Memorial Day in the year nineteen and seventy three. I’m a slow study but I learnsed quick and completely that it was not an activity that I dares to enjoy ever again.

Keep the pictures coming, because its an experience I have no desire to endure. Cold water in my orifices doesn’t inspire, but it does peak my interest, which is why I invrsted in a big screen smart TV. I can share those events in 4K if you are blessed to document that technology. I’m currently recharging my batteries under a fleece. It must be working, because nothing hurts as long as I don’t move too much. Life is good!

An excellent video giving us a window into southern rivers and the Gulf. The author showed good awareness and the ability to adapt to conditions like paddling at first light. I wish more people were as thoughtful about making videos as this paddler.

A few observations. Even in warm water, a prudent solo paddler is wearing a life jacket on rivers and especially in the salt water of the Gulf of Mexico. If he swamped 4 times, which is understandable and not wearing a life jacket that is just plain foolish.

Learn to bathe on shore. Bring a canvas or PVC bucket. Keep soap out of rivers. It doesn’t matter if it is “biodegradable soap.”

Paddlers often see things no one else does. If you see releases of toxins, report them to the EPA office or the State agency that handles water quality in Alabama. They typically work together. The Clean Water Act was passed over 50 years ago.

The Oceans are the last great environmental Frontier. Plastic is a world wide problem. Ocean dumping is still legal offshore. Cruise ships are some of the worst offenders.

I hope this author makes more videos. Brilliant on many levels.

Hunter Nichols Productions - website

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