Ford Edge for boat transport?

I’m starting to look for the next beast to carry my boats. Currently, I have a 2002 Isuzu Trooper and am going to hate giving it up.

Has anyone used/seen the Ford Edge? I’m looking for a medium sized vehicle that is roomy enough. Thanks.

I know a paddler who has one. He mentioned that the rack was a bit flimsy but has used it often.

They look pretty good
I also hear that they can be had in AWD. I would definitely invest in a Yakima or Thule rack though. The factory rack does look lacking. I think I would go with the Edge or the Flex over an Escape or Explorer if I could only have one vehicle.

yes, for what it’s worth,
he loves the car except perhaps for the mpg. And it has that cool sync option.

Flex is interesting
Yes, you can get AWD in the Edge. I agree about Thule, etc. The Flex is an interesting vehicle, but I don’t need/want the third row of seating, and it doesn’t come any other way.

I am concerned about the factory rails to mount to, but I haven’t researched it yet.

Go For It
I have an AWD Edge with the BAMR (Big A#$ Moon Roof) and I use a Thule removable rack. I do not have the factory rails (they don’t come with it if you have the glass roof). I carry two NDK Explorers (18’ long) with no problems. The factory rails are junk. I would not trust them. I believe they are removable.