Ford Edge rack

Oh, The Humanity!

I was driving past the local Ford dealer today and spied a new Edge crossover vehicle on the lot with roof rack rails. One of my hobbies is making subjective observations about the “rackability” of various vehicles, and I could not pass up the opportunity to give it the “Jim Wiggle Test”.

Before the sales guy could zero in on me I grabbed the rail and gave it a gentle twist (OK, gentle for a 285# guy).

It is made totally of PLASTIC! Clamping a Yakima or Thule rack to these rails would most probably cause the plastic extrusion to crumple. What a disappointment. Way to pose, Ford.


it’s a ford, what do you want.
read the editor reviews at on the edge. brakes so bad they could’nt recomend as a family auto. the trany is right behind the brakes.

Fords Bright Ideas
It could have been a winner, but no.

It seems the engineers were told to take a Nissan Murano and make it bland and cheap.

my rack woes
Dodge recalled the rack for the Caliber because it sucked. Apparently there is no plans to develop a new one (at this time at least) and Yakima/Thule have deemed it unrackable. I’m left with pioneering the install of Yakima 54" racks on it. Hope it goes well :wink: Other than that, I love the vehicle.

Who wants…
a crossover SUV anyway? If you are going to buy a vehicle that large get something like an Explorer or Trailblazer that really has a solid box frame under it. Its not like a crossover the size of the Edge has any mgp advantages over its more truck like big brothers, nor is it short enough to make racking a boat easier.

It seems Ford didn’t do such a great job with the Edge, but I love my 2003 Explorer, and think they are great vehicles. Besides the Edge is ugly, looks like a jelly bean on wheels :). I totally agree with the Murano comment, Ford clearly had Nissan in their sites.

I too play the “wonder how easy it would be to rack that vehicle” game when I see other SUVs on the road :slight_smile: It is an entertaining exercise.

Aren’t you glad you …
you bought a good vehicle ,Jsaults. Ford shooting at Nissan,what they expect to lower sales?? Got to laugh at American car companies ,now struggling over the “no threat” car companies from overseas. Get used to the use of plastic in vehicles. With the cost of gas,and plastics being lighter,most likely be more plastic components in cars.

Happy Paddling billinpa

I thought there were many
SUVs out there with plastic in the racks…aren’t there? Does this mean there is no metal rod or anything else in them or that they are so weak they won’t hold 55lbs of kayak tied down at bow/stern and racks at 65mph?

Why would anyone Ford or any other manufacturer put themselves at a high risk of injuries/deaths/lawsuits to save a couple bucks?

Personally - I like the looks of the Edge - though I will buy a Mini Cooper S…


Use of plastic
Yeah, there is a lot of plastic in the roof rack systems of today’s cars. Toyota uses what appears to be Zytel plastic for the fixtures that connect the aluminum rails to the roof sockets. And of course, my Yakima Rail Riders are Zytel. Structural plastic is not bad.

My complaint is that the Edge’s RAILS were plastic, and quite obviously not made for holding weight. They are for appearance only.

Yeah Bill, I am happy with the Tribeca. Still love the seats too. I wish I got your mileage (two canoes cuts it to 18 mpg) but I like the extra room. And I remained true to Subaru.

Why would anyone want a crossover vehicle? Well, I drove subaru wagons for 26 years and wanted a bigger vehicle. I wanted a proven AWD system. I wanted a vehicle that didn’t have cheesy “mouse fur” headliners (Ford comes to mind). And I liked teh $3000 discount on 2006’s and the generous trade-in that my local Suby dealer gave me.


Hey ! Easy on the Ford
Drove my Explorer for 7 years the factory rails were plastic but the Yakima towers clamped on nicely and hauled many miles with two canoes on top. That said, I recently (last monday) traded in on a GMC Canyon (small truck).

Now I am deciding on a cap or bed rail mounted “goalpost” racks. I’ll let you know what I end with.


if it’s the 5 speed automatic it’s garbage.

Never got the point of the Edge.

How many SUVs does Ford need to have anyway (this may be the how many…does it take to screw in a light bulb)

Clearly Ford and GM wern’t looking down the right road (but then, given the bloating of almost all of Hondas suvs they wern’t alone)

Maybe the same plastic rails…
Ford had on the Focus wagon.

C’Mon, Wes!
I complemented your Explorer for having what I judged to be brawny roof rails! That trumps the mouse fur…

Jim ( ;-{)}}