Ford Sportrack

Brother in law is set for getting a canoe and drives a ford Sportrack - 1/2 truck 1/2 suv thingeys.

He was thinking of using the rack on the truck for the front and making a rack to fit into the hitch for the rear, however may want to use the hitch to haul his trailer so he can take his ATV at the same time.

Has anyone used that extension/adapter for the hitch for fastening the back of the rack to and how did it work out?

any better ideas?

Trade it for a real truck or real SUV

Ford Sportrac
Thule makes truck racks to carry canoes and kayaks.

The are vertical bars coming up from the bed rails to just over

cab height. You could use one of those, and put a regular rack over

the cab. I do just this with my Ford Ranger, and it works great.

This would leave the trailer hitch available to haul a trailer. PS: I have 1 of the Thule racks for sale, because Thule only sells them by the pair.