Forgot to cover my boat

And now it’s raining and the boat is getting wet!


Hope it doesn’t shrink when it dries. :wink:

It will shrink down, to a P140. The gray-thing, will shrivel up to nothing.

Boats can be replaced. The important thing is that you’re dry.

The ole Millenium will Fenn for itself,
bigger splash than fast brother wrapped-up on the shelf.
But then who gives a soak that some yak is depraved.
Canoe not shed a tear for the dousing Shockwave?

@Andy_Szymczak said:
And now it’s raining and the boat is getting wet!

You cover boats?

Water is very, very bad for boats.

Well, two of my boats have a tarp over them. Though one is because it is hanging under the deck I need to splash some sealant on if it ever stops raining.
The other is because I thought it would look more responsible. Then the wind blew it and I realized I could reduce how hard I had to work to wash the dirt off (it has been outside in a friend’s rack) by letting a heavy rain hit it.

I can get lazy down to an art. :slight_smile:

Lazy. The art where distraction leads us away from abs, and abstraction leads us to dis. (“Everyone’s a critic.”) A ghost ship of our finer constructions.

Play’n with the “tions” and their Phantom Limbs.

@pblanc said:
Water is very, very bad for boats.

Yes… The folks in Mexico Beach agree… The water cameth and depositeth boats inland… Then the water lefteth.

It’s nice and sunny here in the PNW. Send the boat to me and I will check it and make sure it dries properly and that it still paddles well.

At Cedar Key last week an FWC biologist taught us a new term, “bio-fouling” . That’s what birds do to a boat that’s not covered. She was talking about farming oysters, but the bio-fouling is the same old …scat.

Every time I’ve left my cockpit cover off my boat whether right side up or upside down, our feathered friends decide I would make a great neighbor and commence to building a bird nest condo in my cockpit. They are quick, too. Which reminds me, I left the cover off!

@Andy_Szymczak said:
And now it’s raining and the boat is getting wet!!

If you keep watering it, maybe you’ll get lucky and it will grow into a canoe.