Formula 303 vs Arrmerol

Are they the same?

My son is working on his Masters Degree in Materials Management. A few years ago one of his phofessors told the class that Armerol can actually do more harm than good to automobile dashboards.

If that’s the case ( and I’ve read similiar things on the net) I wouldn’t want to use it on my kayak.

So, are Formula 303 and Armerol of different chemical composition?

yes absolutely different from

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armorall..IN my experience armorall attarcts dirt, softens plastics lasts a long time and is hard to remove, (some idiot in a body shop put it on my steering wheel)

303 is non toxic, bio degradeable, very safe to use, does not attract dirt, useable on membrane roofs. (check carefully lest you trash the roof).

I would never use armorall on anything!

Sorry to those who own stock in it.

Very different! Do not use ArmorAll
I used to put Armorall on my vehicles’ vinyl parts. Never again. The stuff looks good at first but it seems to actually dry out the vinyl after a while.

I switched to Formula 2000 later on, which was better…

BUT 303 is the best I’ve tried. It costs much more but is in a completely different class of protection. I put it on my Jeep’s hardtop now instead of using car wax on that. (I still use wax on painted metal.)

If you can find it in the archives there are several old posts on the subject.

basicly …dont ever use armerol if you like your paddeling gear;unless you like that slippery feel and the cool rainbow oil slick that could be trailing you.

I had read the earlier posts on the use of 303 and spent the better part of a Friday lloking for it in various auto supply stores. Finally located it next to the Yak-Handles ( hand grips so my wife would not get blisters when paddling) in an Army-Navy store. It was inexpensive and we did both our boats in less than 30 minutes. It is money well spent!

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REI here sells it
The lowest prices I’ve found are in the 4WD accessories catalogs, though.

Drying out plastics, yes the softening

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effect I noted. Apply some solvent; make it shine; watch it carry off the plasiticisers of the surface as the solvent evaporates; Watch the plastic dry out.