Fort Myers Area

I am heading to this area next weekend and was wondering if anyone knows of a place to rent fishing kayaks and any good GPS coordinates for Reds and Snook.

your best bet
Backwater Outfitters in Cape Coral, call Steve.

Isn’t Fort Myers
an Army base on the south side of Arlington National Cemetary?

Re:Fort Myers Area
Another good place is Estero River Outfitters @ 239-992-4050----they have a web page too with lots of info—they are located between fort Myers and Naples. Have fun!

Estero River
Rented a canoe here in my early twenties (almost 50 now) still remember “huge” spiders along the waters edge in webs hanging over us - i was more afraid of them than the alligator watching us! I visit Naples often but afraid to go back on that river! - anyone paddle there and seen these critters lately?

We raced the Estero River
last year and will do it again this year.

Starts up at the state park, goes out to the bay via Jewfish creek and return via the Estero.

We didn’t see any big spiders, but did pass an otter that watched us go by.

We have also paddled it not racing and thouroughly enjoyed it.



Good to know
Perhaps i will paddle there again when i have an opportunity to visit my sis in Naples! Maybe more people traffic to keep them at bay as almost 30 years have gone by. I sound old!! Thanks,


Mosquito Abatement
Nothing to worry about. The abatement program around here kills off not only skeeter’s, but a whole host of other worthwhile insects. Oh, but so worth it while picnicking with your chums. God forbid that we have to deal with bugs in the subtropics.