Forum Categories - What would you like?

We had some feedback recently about the various topic categories available so I want to get feedback from you, the community.

What types of categories would you like added to the forums on
(check all that apply)

  • More gear categories (canoes, kayaks, paddles, lifejackets, etc.
  • More categories for paddling skills
  • More categories for paddler skill level (beginners, experts)
  • More categories for paddling in certain regions, states or popular paddling destinations (like BWCAW)
  • I’d like a new category for something else other than what is listed above.
  • I think the current setup is fine

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Feel free to reply with your comments/thoughts/suggestions

How 'bout a category for rants?

That’s been tried.

I thought that the former bicker and banter forum was really ugly and detracted from the site.

  1. No thanks on the Bicker and Banter remix.
  2. I’m not a gear head, more interested in sharing the skills I have learned . In the end skills, training and practice make the paddler, not new gear.
  3. I kind of miss the old trip reports people used to post, not sure how much we are going to be getting away from home, but seeing some different paddling venues might be nice if the future stays like the present.’
  4. I’m pretty much OK keeping things the way they are now. But it might be useful for beginners to post their questions in a special forum maybe with FAQ links to the best threads that get repeated every few weeks.

Racing, techniques, boats, places

With the new board format, I am not using categories as I did in yhe old.

In the old, I would see a list of categories and then select which I would go to. Certain categories, like bicker and banter, I rarely if ever viewed. think I may have even hidden some categories.

With the new board, I am going to the parent page and viewing a full list of all new messages (screen shot of how I see it is below). The categories now are basically tags for me - something I use in addition to the title to try to decide of the message thread is one I might be interested in.

As such, I would love to see the Advice and Paddler’s Place category somehow expanded out. Perhaps add on the current tags as options, so there is now an “Advice - Kayaks”, “Advice - Canoes”, “Advice - SUP”, “Advice - Places”, etc. This way it could be easier with a scan to have a feel for what the message might be about.

@Kevburg @PJC @TomL @SeaDart - I can assure you that we will not be bringing back any sort of rants or a rebirth of the bicker and banter section. It caused many headaches and offended 90% of the visitors.


These are still very much available:

Tags are certainly a good option for every post. It really helps everyone (and the forum software) to find related topics.

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One option for this is to create a variety of wiki-style pages that would allow anyone (or anyone with a trust-level that we allow) to be able to add/edit/delete content from that page. So, for instance, if the topic is “finding the right size kayak” everyone would have a chance to add details about it and update as needed. Then any new posts with that question could just link to it as a reply.

Anyone interested in trying that? I’d probably start with 3-5 topics.

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Thank you

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Yeah, by tags are used all that often. People d have to select a category, so using a larger number of categories would be one way to kind of force people to provide the info tags would provide.

I guess an alternate route would be t make tag selection easier/more obvious, or maybe even required.