Forum Cheatsheet

General Browsing and Shortcuts

  1. Type “ ? ” on any page to get a list of Keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Hovering over the relative timestamp of posts gives you the absolute timestamp.
  3. Whenever a discussion is linked in another discussion, it will show the link(s) at the bottom of the primary post at the top of the discussion.

Creating/Editing Posts

  1. Clicking on "Quote over any selected text, starts a new reply with quote. This is a user-configurable setting, configured through
    Settings -> Interface
  2. Here is a great tutorial for learning Markdown
    Markdown Tutorial
    Note: Not all markdown functionality is supported in Discourse
  3. To create a link to a specific post , click on the timestamp in the top right of the post. The link includes your username at then end…so you will need to manually delete it.
  4. In order to display special characters such as * you will need to include a trailing .
    So you actually type * to display * in your post. You can also achieve this by using the
    </> icon on the top of the editor window to place any special characters in a box of pre-formatted text. Any text inside these single quotes will appear as typed and all special characters are ignored including * \ and so on.
  5. The editor window can re-sized by dragging the two horizontal lines at the top of the window. The editor window has visibility across all open Discourse tabs. So be careful which discussion you use to add your post to, once you are done typing it.
  6. For strikethrough type strikethrough or strikethrough
    and for underline type underline
  7. To get this TEXT - type this <small>TEXT</small>
    To get this TEXT - type this <big>TEXT</big>
  8. To post a Google map into Discourse
    Google map > share > embed code and place that in the Discourse composer
  9. Have you ever started responding to a post and found out that someone just posted
    something that may obviate your post? Discourse has a way to show you that someone else is responding to a post, even when the post is not posted to the discussion. When you are typing in the editor box, look in the top right corner…if someone else is also responding to the same post, it will show their profile icon.

Original source for this information

Example map!


  1. Go to google maps, get the map you want.
  2. Click on Share, then Embed a map.
  3. Copy the code and paste it into the post on the forums.
  4. Voila! (the map should appear)

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