For those of you who saw my previous post about this situation…

I finally got ForwardAir to payup on my claim. I don’t attribute this one bit to the integrity of their company.

It was only through persistence (three strongly worded letters backed with lots of photos and other substantiating documentation), time, and through mild threats of action that they paid up.

So they paid up…which is good but I would not recommend doing business with them. Their efforts to get out of paying a legitimate claim were extensive.


Thanks for the heads-up
Glad to hear it worked out for you, too.

Good on ya Matt
One company that I had decent service with is DHL. I shipped CD1 a Beale a couple years back and DHL devivered an empty cylinder. 1 claim package and 3 weeks later I had a check for the value and the shipping costs.

Great news,
Glad it worked out for you! You handled that really well.

I half expected Matt…
To come up with a brand new boat with upgraded lay-up and custom bulkheads… :slight_smile:

Congats from all us Forward Air victims…

Yeah, I still wish that Beale came thru
I’d appreciate it much more than some dolt at DHL.

Yo, Chuck, if you have Skype, sometime Skype me and we’ll catch up.

Thx 4 f/u, b1
I will not ship a boat by FA based on your write-up.

2 out of 3 boats damaged by FA
Kind of a 3 boat deal at the same time…

I bought a wooden boat… shipped from Atlanta, damaged by FA

That seller received a new boat… damaged by FA

I shipped a wooden boat to Michigan… no problem with FA

2 out of three damaged by FA …unacceptable odds, ya think?

Don’t have it sorry

Same ratio for me…
I believe that I have now shipped 3 boats with them as well, and two of them have been damaged.

I had some problems with my last claim as well, but it was for a smaller dollar amount so was more quickly resolved, but still required some strongly worded letters.

As some have pointed out here, I think they will almost automatically turn down your claim regardless of its validity under the hopes that you will just give up. I believe that only through persistence and carefully worded firm letters will you actually get anyplace. Too bad really. It should not have to be that way.

I actually believe that the claims rep probably gets incentivized to turn down claims…like gets some sort of a bonus or commission based on the total dollar amount of claims she is able to get the company out of paying. Unscrupulous to say the least, but it makes sense from a business perspective and may explain this situation.