Forward Air - Rotomold WW boats?


How safe is it to ship a WW playboat (under 5.5 ft ) via forward air? Heard horrific stories but they were all glass boats!


You might consider shipping via


I have shipped 2 ww boats via
them and did not have any problem. Remember the only ones you hear about are those that have a problem. You will never hear anyone say “Hey had a yak shipped by ??? and all went well.”

Should not be a problem
I had my Dagger Mamaba 8.5 shipped from California to Illinois by Fed EX and it was fine. I paid $75 for shipping and it took 4 days and no problems.

A 5ft boat should be a piece of cake for any shipper.

Good Luck,


My 17 footer came OK
The tempest flew from CA to MD without much of an issue. It had a dent at the bow overhang area that eventually popped out back to normal but it is unclear if this was due to shipping or storrage - there was no sign of shipping damage.

Forward Air
I’ve shipped boats (plastic and composite) through Forward Air and never had a problem. Make sure they are marked “Top Load Only” and “No Forklift” and you should be fine.

No Problems Here
I’ve shipped composite and plastic boats via FA and never a problem. Matter of fact, I’ve always been blown-away by their care and service.

Truth is every carrier has a few nightmare stories… FA is probably no better, no worse.

4 Waveskis, 2 Glass Surf Yaks And 3
ww boats. Not one problem.


Make it easy for them
I’ve shipped a number of plastic boats without a problem. A guy on the dock gave me the tip of running a loop of line through each grab handle (and the middle with long boats), protruding through the packing.

If they see a large item that needs to be moved, the first thought might be a forklift. If there’s handles, it suggests it can be done by hand and makes it easier to do that way.

Good Idea
Good idea, Wavespinner. I’ll remember that in the future.

I’ve had a couple of RM kayaks
shipped to me via Forward Air with no problem. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.