Forward/Knee Hatch

As you might know, the Cetus from PH will have a forward/knee hatch.

Since not everybody has/will have Cetus, the first thing that springs to mind is aftermarket/google

I found the following: by

There does not appear to be a review of it here at

Any thoughts?

you have to add your own hatch…but:

Kajaksport makes 4 different boxes/knee tubes that go under the deck…

if you want top access you have to cut your own hole…but their boxes just get fiberglassed in…supposed to be simple…

i am still planning on getting one…but need to save pennies til next month…

then there are also the under deck bags-made by Northwater and by Wenonah/current designs…they are popular as well…

Voyageur used to make a under deck bag that slid out on rails…

the hard box sections is my choice because then it provides more knee contact area for bracing etc…


The difference…
between the hatch on the Cetus and the underdeck options/knee tubes described here is that the Cetus hatch is entirely glassed in…the only access is from the deck.

Knee tubes are great, but you have to take off your skirt to access them.

Not a huge space, but I was able to fit the following items in there:

  • Storm cag
  • Fleece hat
  • Small boat repair kit
  • GPS
  • Snickers Bar

    It’s a great way to take advantage of otherwise wasted space…and adds a lot of structural strength to the foredeck.

It is hard to judge the size of cockpit, but did placement of the hatch create any difficulties in accessing the hatch - opening/removing/replacing the cover, digging in for contents?

my question also
is it big enough to impair reentry and rolls?

on the Cetus…
No. It has a very nice shape to it that when I got into/out of the cockpit, it didn’t create any problems I typically found with a knee tube. The glassed in hatch on the Cetus has a sloping front area to it that doesn’t interfere with your legs/knees.

I like knee tubes but they always seemed to get in the way when reentering the kayak. The hatch on the Cetus is a pretty cool design that didn’t get in the way at all.

no problems
accessing the hatch (it’s within easy reach) and I had no difficulties in exit/entry in the boat from the knee tube. I used it during 5* training, so it definitely got put to a thorough test with regards to exit, entry, and handling.