Foster Legend For Sale???

Anyone know of one for sale? Great boat.


Matt classifieds
Nigel Foster Legend kayak made by Walden Great shape, fiberglass, in deck compass, skeg, Yellow over white, $1000. Jacksonville. call with questions 305-978-3232

don’t know how I missed that one. I will check into it.

Preferably looking for a Seaward Built one. I will check this one out, but probably will keep looking



what happened to yours?

Still have it
I still have it. This boat is a keeper. Just looking to see if I can find a newer one.

I love the Legend.


Seaward Legend
keep in mind that Seaward/Nigel Foster made some changes

to the hull, from the original ones by Seaward

Not sure I got that last post right. did you mean that the newer Seawards are different from the older ones? Or did you mean that Seaward made some changes to the hull from the older ones made by Walden and others? I think you meant the latter. That I had heard before.

However, the changes to my understanding were fairly minor. Perhaps the most significant being that they extended the hard chines to the bow and stern which I would consider mostly cosmetic.

My current Legend is a Seaward. Nice boat and pretty light.

A friend has a Walden made one and it is heavy as hell. Super solid though…


Hull Changes

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Seaward made both versions;yes they moved/extended the chine : I believe, but not 100% sure that they also went from the round arch to a shallow V. Maybe best to contact Seaward. Good luck on your search! I paddle a Seaward Silhouette, another great boat/great build. Would love to find one in Kevlar close to home.