Foster Legend vs CD Extreme/Solstice GTS

Not entirely. I’ve seen Extremes for sale regularly on Craigslist for $1,000-1,500. I know a person currently selling a Solstice GTS for $1,500 and I’ve seen them regularly listed for around that price. The thing is most of them are quite far away from my location so in addition to the boat cost it would involve hundreds more in gas. I’m a student so I try to get the best deal for things I can. There was a demo day not too long ago that I really regret not going to now, but I figure if the Legend works out for me in the morning on the test paddle I’ll buy it and if I try something else later on that I like I’ll just sell it and get the other boat.

The Extreme turns
more easily than the GTS even though it’s longer and, with its extra length, is faster if you are willing/able to supply the power. Both models have well designed rudders that make turning and control in following sea conditions more efficient. Both the GTS and Extreme are very well made.

Extreme reviews
That’s what I’ve read in a lot of the reviews on here for the Extreme, that it turns surprising well for such a long boat. I might try one out one day if one goes for sale locally. I ended up buying the Legend in the meantime.

Turns too easy?
I demoed it this morning for about an hour and I liked it well enough to buy it. The initial stability wasn’t too bad I didn’t think, definitely not as bad as the reviews make it out to be. The one thing that found that I didn’t like too much was if I tilted a little that it would start turning pretty easily so the tracking was a little zig zaggy. Is this something I’ll get used to controlling or something I’ll always have to fight with? Other than that I think it’s a pretty sweet boat.

Unintended directions
Well I demoed the Legend this morning and decided to go ahead and buy it. I liked pretty much everything about it. The one slight dislike I found about it was the unintended tilting of my hips taking it into unintended directions making it track in a zig zaggy kind of way. I believe this is something I’ll be able to correct with some practice so it tracks better. Would I be correct in that assumption?

unintended tilts
what you experienced is the phenomenon that posters upstream told you to expect.

Not a bad thing that the Legend is doing. It is characteristic of a boat w. light primary stability. You are relying on that more, at least at first, until you get some time in the saddle. Then the boat should settle down for you. And you will come to appreciate the fabulous secondary stability if you are willing to maximize your edges and turns.

The Legend is after all quite a lot different than the Whistler.

I have paddled the Silhouette (the smallest in this series, tho not exactly a small boat) and it is much the same. Might have gotten one but it was more length and more weight than I wanted. Handling and acceleration is very desirable though.

the other tip for boats of this sort is to keep 'em moving. They are more stable when kept busy.

it’s a fine design, enjoy and learn. You will paddle out the zigs and zags as you learn.

Make sure you practice in a safe place with some help at hand that you can get back in it (self-rescue). You are more likely to tip over in it compared to the 24" wide kayak you had…

Settling the zig zag
Thanks. A lot of reviewers said it did turn pretty easily so I was expecting that to a degree. A lot of reviewers also said it tracked really well too so I assumed the zig zagging was more an error on my part than the boat for turning somewhat randomly on me. I figured it would be more of something I would get used to and learn, but I thought I would ask. I do love how tightly it turns though. The guy I bought it from had a Current Designs Infinity and it took him quite a while to turn when it only took me a very short distance. It was windy on the test paddle and it cut right through waves. Thanks for the feedback you have settled down my need to worry about it and that it will just take some time to get used to.

The initial stability wasn’t all that bad. I was expecting it to be really unstable, but I did just fine in it on the one hour test paddle on a windy lake this morning. I need to learn how to relax a little bit or just get more paddle time in it, because a slight shifting with the hard chime and it likes to take me a little off course. It’s handy for turns, but when I was trying to go straight it was kind of being a bit of a pain. ha Hopefully that will become less of a problem as I practice more in it. The secondary stability was really great. Needless to say in the Whistler there is no real edging possible for turning so I tested that out this morning quite a bit in the Legend and it was so easy to turn that way. There was one point where I was edging and a wave came behind me and got some water in the cockpit, but despite it being 21" I feel really stable in it considering. That said though I’m ordering a paddle float and a pump just to be on the safe side.

quite a few boats that "dance"
and like to lie on one edge or the other are sometimes branded as tippy, tender etc. Mostly just needs seat time and loose hips. these are the same boats that can be exceptionally good in rough water.

I bought one like that and the first day I was on the water w. 30 mph wind, gusts higher. I was sure I had temporary insanity when I wrote the check.

Now it’s wonderful.

Nigel Foster designs great, lively boats. I had the privilege to spend a bit of camp time him a couple of years ago and we discussed boat design a bit. Also took an advanced strokes class that went overtime a half hour and no one said a word. We were spellbound.

He’s the Fred Astaire of paddling. He’s very humble and laid back for such an icon of the sport and very giving and positive to newbies and experienced paddlers alike.

You would enjoy talking to him about your Legend esp. as you come to know it.

Thanks for your reply. You are helping to put my mind at ease. During the test paddle I pretty much liked everything about it except the dancing since I pretty much only go in a straight line when I kayak, but I figured it will probably go away after I get more experience in it so I handed over the money. I figured if it didn’t I’d just sell it after a while and move on to another boat. I paddle mostly on calm lakes so I don’t see too many rough conditions and turning isn’t too important for me, but the Legend is definitely very maneuverable. I e-mailed the seller only a few hours after he posted it up for sale and when I showed up to look at it he said he already had 3 other people interested in it so if I have to unload it later on I don’t think it will be an issue.

You are right about the rougher conditions. It was a little windy out on the lake today so there were some waves. The Legend went right through them and it was a smooth ride. I did notice a little weathercocking, but I can’t really say if it was an average amount or not. The Legend sits pretty low so I would imagine it’s not too bad in comparison to other boats.

Funny thing about Nigel Foster. When I was reading the reviews a lot of people said you should be in a certain weight range to get the best performance of the Legend, but I couldn’t find it anywhere so I ended up calling Seaward to ask. Seaward asked my height and weight and they said that I was pretty much exactly the same dimensions as Nigel Foster. I believe it, sitting in the Legend makes it feel like it was made for me. :stuck_out_tongue: