Found a paddle today.

-- Last Updated: Jun-21-09 7:40 PM EST --

Found a kayak paddle today June 21 at the Monksviille Reservoir NJ paddle boat launch area. I'm pretty sure I know who it belongs to but I don't know your name. . I had stopped fishing and was eating lunch in the standing flooded forest area when you paddled by taking pictures. We talked for a while and I recognize this as being your paddle. I was the last to leave and found the paddle in the tall grass between the launch and parking area. You mentioned the Internet so I hope you read paddlenet. Send me an email and we will figure out how to get it back to you. I'll ask a couple of questions to be sure you are you :)

You may want to leave a posted sign
At the place where you found the paddle – chances are the person went back to look for it?

You could leave your email for them to respond and have them ID the paddle.

Also if it’s a park – maybe list it with the park as lost-n-found.

You may want to edit your
third sentence! :eek:

Left number
I did leave a message with my pager number.

Why ?